Care to Join?

Alright fam! Its been just about a year since BestBudsBlog was created by J and myself, and its been a great year of building our fanbase and learning more about what you want to see from us. However, it is unfortunate to say that I am still the only one writing all of these articles for you to enjoy! The downside is that it is getting gradually more difficult to write all of these articles by myself. Therefore, I am asking you to help me! After all, this site is made by stoners for stoners,  which means any stoner can write!
If there is any topic weed related you wish to write about, like a pen review, bong review, top ten lists, opinions, politics, or literally ANYTHING RELATED TO WEED, send it to me! I would love to read our viewer’s work and the best articles will be pulished weekly with credit given to the writer as he or she wishes.
For more information or somewhere to send your work, contact
I hope to see some of your work on the site soon! I know you wont disappoint.


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