An Interesting Experience

Ok bestbuds viewers! We have the first installment of our By You for Us campaign that doesn’t really exist! Morgan from Texas sent in a very funny and crazy story that we just had to share. Toke up and enjoy story time.

I was reading a post of a picture of a noticeably older man winking one eye and giving a thumbs up and the text box around him was about how he exercises and “maintains a culinary garden” and all this other stuff that older people dont do… Well the very last thing that he does is smokes trees everyday. Now, it was either the title of this post or someone commented, “weed makes older people think young.” I thought yeah I guess cause it makes you giggle and feel all giddy I thought,”THAT is what they meant.” Anyways I thought nothing of it, so later that same evening my mother and I went to my aunt and my uncle’s house.
Me, my mom, and aunt all smoke, a lot. My uncle on the other hand suffered from Huntington Chorea (degenerative brain disease) and was kind of off. Not straight up crazy or psycho or mentally disabled, but off. He had been in Vietnam and saw action and even had burn marks on his arm from hot spent machine gun ammo rounds. Besides that, im also not sure if the disease could possibly be linked back to traumatic encounters or anything like that but what I’m trying to say is I dont know if it affects memory or what all it messes with. He smoked cigarettes continuously, had an occasional beer, but not since he and my aunt first met did he smoke trees. So one night we decided to get my uncle (David) stoned. It sounds funny as shit now that I think about it but we handed him what seemed like a friggin hog leg and he puffed on it two or three times like a cigarette. No coughing, no noticeable head change, nothing. He got about halfway through that spliff and set it down and gave one big cough. He sat in his chair and watched tv.
About ten minutes later he stands up and goes to the restroom. His huntingtons caused his speech to slur and sound a lil dopey and he called my aunt Levonna, Vonna. And he didnt say full sentences and they were hard to understand. But we heard him from the restroom calmly call out, “Hey Levonna!” My aunt jumped up and put her hand on her chest and gasped. Lol shes a big lady so when she jumped she scared the shit out of me and mom. We then asked her WTF her deal was and she said, “I havent heard that voice in 25 years.”
She ran to the bathroom, and Uncle David was looking in the mirror touching his face. He looked back at her and said, “How old am I? Why am I so old? (pointing at his facial hair and head hair) All this is grey?? im so old! My aunt bawling in tears grabbed him and hugged and kissed him. We brought him back into the living room and sat him down and for a little bit longer he kept saying over and over, “im old why am i so old” we would try to ask him questions and he wouldnt answer us just over and over bout how old he was. My mom and aunt were completely freaked out and I couldnt belive what i just witnessed We tried it several more times with him but never as big a reaction like that first initial time he did it…(sound familiar? LOL) So, now when I think of that pic and the caption, I wonder if there is proof of cannabis having an affect on how your brain ages, or makes you think younger? And if there is, imagine what we could accomplish with marijuana as medicine to help with these types of mentally destructive diseases.
Now, this event occured in the 90s, just imagine if he was smoking the top shelf we have today! Crazy funny and trippy story Morgan, keep em comin!
Send us your stories or any other cannabis related topic in an article and it may be published!


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