Snowday Stoneday: movies to watch stoned

If you’re in the northeast or most of the east coast, you’ve probably been bitch-slapped by the snow storm surge ravaging the skies above and releasing a metric shit ton of snow on top of all of us. It’s really not that bad, but I can’t drive anywhere, so why not watch some movies and bitch about the weather? Add getting stoned as hell on top of that and we have ourselves quite a day. Here’s just a few movies to watch today, or any snowday stoneday to come!

1. Super Troopers


This classic comedy film is about Vermont state troopers, whom instead of actually doing their job, mess with just about everyone they pull over. It’s all fun and games until they are threatened to be shut down by a local police department putting up the points. They decide the only way to save their department and jobs is to solve a big ‘ol crime. Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure it may involve some of the green goddess.



2. Tusk

TuskFor those who like to be a little freaked out while stoned, i.e. horror flicks, this one takes the cake. It may not necessarily be a “Holy shit that made me jump” type film, but it is SO CREEPY that its even hard to watch at sometimes. A d-bag radio host who does nothing but make fun of innocent people gets the chance at an interview of a lifetime with an eccentric millionaire. Little does he know this dude had a very, let’s just say “intimate” relationship with a walrus during his travels to the arctic; and he wants his walrus back.



3. The Interview


You should have seen this one coming. I’m not putting this on the list because it’s the new big thing, but because it’s funny as shit. A talk-show host who makes a living off of celebrity gossip gets the chance to interview Kim Jong Un, the supreme leader of North Korea…you know the plot, it almost started WWIII! Let’s just say it’s much crazier and insane than you would expect.



4. Hot Rod


Another ridiculously stupid and funny comedy, Hot Rod follows the endeavors of a wannabe stunt man, following in his dead father’s footsteps. Unfortunately, his stepfather is not as nice, and beats the shit out of him on a daily basis, as Rod tries to proves himself to his new dad. After countless failures and ass beatings, Rod finds a way to earn his stepfathers respect; getting him a new heart! That’s right, the guy has a dying heart, and Rod will perform the ultimate stunt to raise the money for a new one. Or at least he’ll try…


5. Elephant White

ElephantLast on the list and recently watched by me, this movie follows a badass mercenary who is hired by a father to get revenge on a gang that stole his daughter and sold her into prostitution. I know, you’re thinking, “Not another Taken, there’s already 3 of those shitty movies.” This movie is Taken on steroids. If you’re into almost non-stop action and dudes getting blown apart by a silenced 50 cal., then this is the movie for you!



These are just a few movies to watch on a Snowday Stoneday when you got nothing to do, nowhere to be, and just want to smoke and watch some solid films. Got any other movies we should watch? Let us know via twitter or instagram @BestBudsBlog, and use the hashtag #SnowdayStoneday and we’ll post the best movies in our next article!


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