It’s getting Hazy







Super Silver Haze

Cost: $270


Notice the excess of hairs?

Notice the excess of hairs?

Look: Well, it may not be silver, but our buds weren’t very dense, with a darker green color, and a decent amount of orange ticklers. The nugs were also somewhat small, but taller and thinner, indicating it’s sativa dominant.

Smell: This bud, smells delicious. One of the best smelling buds I’ve reviewed so far for sure. When I shove my big nose into the bag I get smacked with a dank, sweet, fruity smell that almost burns my nostrils with good smell overload. I would try and compare it to something relatable, but it weed just has its own unique smell unlike any other, and can only be compared to itself! J says Sour Patch kids though; “It tastes sour in my nose, I can’t even explain it.”

Taste: The supa silva has a sweet taste along with a strong weed flavor, which I love. I wish the fruity smell 20150202_102626_HDRcarried over into the taste but unfortunately I wasn’t so lucky.

Experience: Well, since the loss of our beloved double honeycomb perc straight tube, we have moved on to a single honeycomb perc scientific bubbler from a local blower. We also have a honeycomb ash catcher attachment, but I got a better taste without it. So it tasted good as shit, and then it hits you. It starts in the body: my arms started tingling like I was being tickled by Mary Jane herself in my veins. My eyelids start to feel heavier, and my legs feel extremely relaxed. After an hour or so of some solid couch lock it moves to the head. This is where it gets good! My body feels invigorated and free to move while my mind is racing and exploring the vast crevices of my stupidly complicated brain. I have yet to have a negative experience smoking the Super Silver Haze, as it always makes me feel positive, confident, happy, and well, stoned as shit. That’s always a super mega awesome spectacular 20150202_102639_HDRdeal of a lifetime bonus type perk. Although now I feel like my head is going to collapse my neck into my shoulders as my head rolls onto the keyboard and aisodhoiafldbsfncklklfdaSSOCD…sorry, let me put my head back on. Ok, I’m stoned. This bud is sick.

Bottom Line: Super Silver Haze is a great sativa haze that starts as a body high that carries into a heavy head high that will send you on a magical adventure through reality and all that mystical bullshit…frankly I’m tired of typing. Smoke some weed, I don’t care what strain it is. Don’t smoke crack.


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