TokeSmart Tolerance Reducer Review

Ever heard of TokeSmart? Probably not, but neither have a lot of people. Is that to say that people shouldn’t know about them? OF COURSE NOT! That’s why I’m reviewing the product, silly. So what is TokeSmart? “TokeSmart is the only 100% natural supplement specifically formulated to eliminate tolerance in medical marijuana users.” But what does it doooooooo? Well, there are these things called terpenes, which is what gives different strains their unique effects and flavors. TokeSmart utilizes similar terpenes in natural herbs to increase the amount of terpenes activated during smoking. Dope. So, I had to get me some of that. 100% natural? Yes please. Reduce my tolerance? Who wouldn’t want to do that? Exactly.

I popped two capsules, 15 minutes before medicating just as TokeSmart instructs. The capsules are a little large, some would call them horse pills. However, with a swig of water they went down pretty easily, and the taste of the capsules was mildly herby, so it actually did not taste bad. I started heating up my Arizer Extreme Q Tower vaporizer while I waited. There are no immediate effects that I felt prior to medicating, as intended by the product. Now, I smoked one pack out of my vaporizer, and, well, I’m baked. I’m very baked. Normally, after one pack I will certainly be high, but TokeSmart amps up the feeling just a little bit. Of course it is nothing extreme, but you know that almost twitchy feeling you get in your legs and fingers when you’re really baked? That is how I feel, right now. It usually takes a good amount of smoking to get me to this level, and it’s quite rare I feel this high so fast, so in that sense, TokeSmart succeeded and met my expectations.

Is this to say that TokeSmart isn’t just a placebo that allows me to embrace the full effects of cannabis more effectively? No, but that is exactly what happened, and that is was TokeSmart says is supposed to happen. Overall, I rate TokeSmart 9/10, as the only issue is the capsule size for me. Whether it really is scientific in how it works, or it’s just some herbs in a capsule, it works. And if it works, it works, and it works. Check out TokeSmart for yourself and give it a try!


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