Power Pen: Stealth

Alright we have a belated product review for you; the Power Pen Stealth edition. We reviewed they’re first pen ever released, the Power Pen, last year. We loved the pen, especially the dry-herb attachment, as it was revolutionary to vape pens for its time. Then they released the Stealth. A taller but thinner pen, with the same amount of attachments. When I say thinner, imagine holding a more thin than average pencil, that is a little shorter, and you

From left to right: Hookah, dry-herb, and concentrate cartridges.

From left to right: Hookah, dry-herb, and concentrate cartridges.

can smoke oil, cannabis, and e-cig juice from it. Pretty dope right? Well, you are right. It is dope.

So let’s start with the oil attachment. The oil cartridge attachment for the Stealth is relatively simple, a coil. Like some other vape pens, the stealth utilizes a vertical heating coil that sits centered in the cylindrical cartridge. Concentrates can then be scraped either into the cartridge, or how I personally choose, which is putting the concentrate directly on the coil. From then on it’s purely magic. Press the button three times to turn it on. Hold the button for about 3 seconds while inhaling, you got yourself a nice milky rip. The coil heats up so quick it is easy to get a good hit every time. However, one must consistently check the cartridge and adjust the concentrate if no hit is being received (sometimes the the oil sticks to the side and the heat is not directly strong enough for a solid hit).

Now for the dry-herb attachment. There was not much change from the first Power Pen dry attachment to the Stealth, but it is still effective. The dry attachment has a flat coil unlike the oil cartridge, so the “plant matter” is stuffed in after being finely ground up, the coil heats up and BAM you got a hit. Unfortunately, like the first Power Pen, the dry attachment is more like an electric one hitter rather than a vaporizer. The coil heats up a little too fast and combusts the herb, unless you’re satisfied after 3 hits. Then again, it is a rather small cartridge, and the main focus is oil for the pen, so it gets the job done when necessary.

Last we have the hookah attachment. Not much to say about it, as I do not use this attachment as much as the other two, but from my experience it hits very smooth, and the gold casing is beautiful. Unfortunately, my mouthpiece to the cartridge fell off rather quickly, which leads me to believe it may have just been glued on rather than firmly secured. However the mouthpiece is merely for comfort, and I’m a manly man so I don’t need comfort. I can still hit it fine without the mouthpiece.

Overall, I give the stealth a 8/10, which is still awesome in my book. The oil cartridge rips perfectly for any concentrate with little effort. Although the dry attachment combusts the herb sometimes, the hits taste good and get you baked. The hookah attachment is perfect for taking some puffs, blowing some O’s, and looking dapper with the gold cartridge. Here’s each cartridge’s rating:

Oil cartridge: 10/10

Dry-herb cartridge: 7/10

Hookah cartridge: 8/10

Check out the Power Pen today and get your hands on one to try for yourself!


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