Dabs all day, everyday?

So here’s the thing, I’ve been doing strictly dabs lately, as they are much more efficient, and actually less expensive than purchasing larger quantities of herb. They taste delicious, smell even better, and pack such a punch into a tiny concentrated ball of heavenly highness. However, since they are much more concentrated, my tolerance should increase drastically, right? I feel like it should, as i consistently like to push my dab limits, because it’s fun as shit, and I like dabs. Due to this, one would expect my tolerance to regular old ganja to skyrocket, due to the lesser amounts of THC. The truth is, I did build up a tolerance, but it wasn’t to either the dabs or the weed themselves, but the processes and pieces involved.

It started with weed of course, the original. I smoke out of bongs, bubblers, bowls, blunts; you name it I smoked out of it (don’t name tinfoil or something stupid like that). Then dabs came along. Just one piece, a bong. One nail, albeit a dope ass ceramic nail that hits clean and gloriously, and a rather large blow torch. Seriously, this thing is huge. I started with two dabs a day for conservation purposes, then moved up to about 3…then 4….then 5….I LOVE DABS OK?!?! Anyway, a time came along when I was out of oil, and had no access to more for a while, and went back to regular old Mary Jane. I smoked one joint, and felt as high as I did before I ever smoked dabs. I later smoked a bowl, and felt ripped after almost less than the usual amount it would take. I ripped my bubbler and went stupid. Maybe it’s a placebo or a mental thing, but my tolerance seemingly decreased.

What’s the takeaway from this article? I was bored as hell and thought I would tell random people on the internet about my strange tolerance variations, and that for me, dabs are way more efficient than weed, usually cost less in the long run, and last a little longer (depending on if you’re a super stoner or not). However, there will never been anything that can truly replace the original green delicious cannabis, and no matter how many dabs I take, or edibles I eat, Mary Jane will always been my number 1!


5 thoughts on “Dabs all day, everyday?

  1. Were the dabs you were using and the flower you hit later the same strain? Because different strains have varying chemical content, strain-specific tolerance is common. If your dab strains were very different types from the flower you smoked (say, you were smoking lots of sativa-derived dabs, then went and smoked a pure indica flower) that might explain it.

    • Thats a very good point! I never thought of that, but now that seems pretty likely. The strain I smoked before was a haze, but the oil definitely puts me on my ass haha

      • I used to have that problem back in the day just with flower – I’d usually buy an ounce at a time to last me a decent length of time, but I’d often end up smoking it faster than I meant to because after a couple of weeks I’d be getting tolerant to the strain, So lately I’ve been buying lots of eighths instead. It’s more expensive, but the flower lasts me longer, so it works out. Plus I can be more flexible about smoking – I’ve got some sativas for active times, indicas for sleepy/resting times, hybrids for in-between, you know?

        Speaking for myself, I don’t have the equipment for dabbing and I’m too lazy to get into it. I have a vape pen and that’s good enough for me. I do enjoy dabs when I get the chance at it but it’s just not the same. Something about flower just works for me. We’re all different though and I’ve met plenty of people who have permanently switched to dabs because they find them more efficient, much as you do.

  2. I think it’s a function of what’s not covered by THC level. That’s just a shorthand for hundreds, if not thousands, of chemical compounds. Dabs, wax, anything that’s gone through a purging process is intent on upping only one measured outcome at this point–THC level (or CBD in some cases). As I’ve seen the same effect, my assumption is/was that there’s more going on in the flowers than we currently measure, and as a consequence, the concentrates made from them may or may not be the same thing chemically or at concentration levels. Add in individual bio-ecosystem differences, different strains as mentioned, etc., and you get a lot of variability not yet studied. From a life-long smoker perspective, legalization isn’t just about avoiding stereotypes; it’s also about making better, different kinds of dope through a natural process of selection and use. Humans are incredibly creative–look how much has changed in the two decades of quasi-legality–imagine what can be done in the two decades after true, full legalization 🙂

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