How to: BestBuds Bangin’ Budder

I don’t know why I haven’t made this tutorial yet, as it’s one of the best ways to turn your bud into edibles, and it is relatively easy if not just time consuming. Cannabutter can be used to make quality and potent edibles, without the super strong weedy taste from using straight bud. Learn away!
Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Cannabis (no less than a quarter oz)

2.  Grinder

3. 1-4 sticks of butter (depending on quantity), the higher the fat the better

4. Pot for boiling water (not smoking…HA!)

5. Pyrex bowl to go over boiling pot (acts as double boiler)

6. Cheesecloth to hold bud (google it)

7. A dab or 3 (it’s a long process, you’ll want entertainment)

Here’s what you’ll do (Using one ounce for example):

1. Once you get the water boiling in the primary pot, place the second bowl on top.

Melt that butter.

Melt that butter.

2. Use 2 sticks of butter per half ounce of herb, so 4 sticks. Place in bowl to melt. Meanwhile in a galaxy far, far away…

3. Grind your cannabis up real nice and fine, and proceed to dump said fine bud into the

Looks like a diaper, but it holds bud well too.

Looks like a diaper, but it holds bud well too.


4. Once the cheesecloth is tied up and you’re sure no bud will fall out, put the little ball of dank goodness into the melted butter.

5. Make sure the weed is completely submerged in the butter and that the water in the pot beneath is constantly boiling.

6. Due to weird earth laws, water evaporates when it gets really hot, so make sure you replace the water in the bottom pot regularly so there is consistent heat!

7. Constantly be stirring the wrapped up bud in with the butter every 10-15 minutes or so.

8. After about 4-5 hours the liquidy butter will have a mild-medium green hue. This is where it gets good.

9. Take the bud out of the butter (now budder) and toss it. You can try and smoke the bud after it dries, but the majority of THC has been absorbed by the fat in the budder, so it’s almost pointless (I tried).

10. Pour the budder from the bowl into a safe plastic or pyrex container (you can use cheesecloth to strain and catch loose plant matter) and store in the fridge for an hour or until it has hardened completely.

It should look like this.  Taken from:

It should look like this.
Taken from:

11. Cook it with your favorite food, make it into brownies or cookies (or any recipe that calls for butter), or just eat a spoonful of it (probably pretty nasty tasting).

Cannabutter is one of the healthiest and safest ways to consume cannabis if you really just don’t feel like smoking, and want a solid, long lasting high that only an edible can supply. Try out our recipe and let us know how it worked out for you!


2 thoughts on “How to: BestBuds Bangin’ Budder

  1. You guys should have decarboxylated your bud. Put your weed in an aluminum foil wrap after you grind it up and bake it in the oven for 30 minutes at 250 degrees. When it is a light golden brown color, it’s ready to use.

    Best part about this process is it activates all of the thc even before you boil it with the butter. It makes your shit stronger, yo.

    • HA trust me, I know. J doesn’t. My firecracker tutorial includes decarbing and J refuses to use it because he doesn’t understand the point of a little extra time

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