The Stoner’s History of Pieces

The modern times that we live in today are technologically insane. I’m writing this article from a phone for Pete’s sake, that in itself was unfathomable to someone who was born in the 1800s. Just like phones have advanced and turned into handheld computers, the pieces and technologies used to smoke weed have changed with time…or have they?
Let’s take a trip to the past. Cannabis has been on this earth for thousands of years, and I doubt it was too long after its discovery that some caveman dropped the plant in his fire and got high off his ass! But thats clearly not efficient, so what is one to do? The next impactful piece was the hookah, brought about in asia, which is where I believe the first bowl pack took place (I have no idea). But not everyone can walk around with a giant glass hookah to hit when they please, and BAM! The pipe was born.

An actual peace pipe.

An actual peace pipe.

The Native Americans used the peace pipe to bury the hatchet with enemies and come together under the love of cannabis. Upon discovering this method of smoking, the colonists started making their own pipes, and they weren’t smoking tobacco all the

A more simple bong, still dope.

A more simple bong, still dope.

time. But who doesn’t like a good cigar? Its convenient, portable, and can be packed full of herb. So what if you replace the tobacco with something a little more whacky? Say hello to the blunt. Don’t have that much bud? The birth of the joint. Fast foward 150 years…
Here we are today. We got scientific bongs, bubblers, one-hitters, glass bowls, vaporizers, and of course the magic mystical oil rigs to deliver the power packing dab. So really, cannabis technology has not changed all that much. Sure we have nicer pieces and new ways to consume, but everything we use today started from that caveman that was the happiest cave man in the world! Now remember kiddies, I’m stoned and this is a random high thought…so get high and think about it.


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