The Modern Stoner

We’ve come a long way from reefer madness and the evil “Marihuana”, and the modern stoner is taking over.

Once known and stereotyped for our lack of work ethic, laziness, and food devastation, the stoner has evolved into an actual functioning human niche (pretty crazy right?). With marijuana being legalized and decriminalized left and right, more and more people have begun to enjoy the sweet Mary Jane. From the elementary school teacher in Cali to the Wall Street broker, workers and business men and women everywhere have made marijuana a part of daily life. And you know what? We seem to be doing just fine.

We’re no longer lazy, boring, and hungry. Well, maybe we are hungry; for progress. Legalization movements are becoming more and more popular. As weed becomes increasingly socially acceptable, the high ranking business stoners can work with the biology teachers from the schools to push the movement forward and make progress. It is not just up to them however. Even the little guys like you and I can make a difference by informing people of the good marijuana can really do, medicinal and recreational.

With our endless resources nationwide, the modern stoner is pushing forward. We are standing up to those who once shut us down as we sat idly by. One day (soon) we will all blaze together under a federally legal law, and the world will see what stoners are truly capable of.


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