BestBuds 4/20 Tips

Happy 4/20! Oh it is such a great day today to be a cannabis consumer. Legalization efforts are only improving, states are decriminalizing, and Mary Jane is no longer seen as the devil’s lettuce, to most people. 4/20 started supposedly from a group of friends in the 70s who would meet out by a statue every day at 4/20 to blaze together and talk and have

The legendary smoke circle, That 70s Show. Taken from

The legendary smoke circle, That 70s Show.
Taken from

a good time. Ever since then, the time, date, minutes and seconds that match up on 4/20, 4:20, 4.20, gets a stoner’s heart racing! So here’s just a few tips for making your 4/20 fun as shit and to help you get as high as a kite.

1. Group up- The whole purpose of 4:20 to those high schoolers was coming together under Mary Jane, and you should do the same! Get all of your Best Buds together and agree on a spot you all want to chill at for a bit.

2. Pick up- Obviously there can’t be a successful 4/20 without some dank, sticky nug. If

It never hurts to buy a lot.

It never hurts to buy a lot.

you have established your group, this makes picking up a lot of dank bud much cheaper per person. Depending on tolerance I recommend an ounce or more for 6+ people, and remember: 4/20 is the day to smoke your brains out, but only if you want to! Nobody can make you keep going.

3. Grab Munchies- This might be even more important than the weed step. There is nothing worse than being baked to the max with nothing to keep your mouth occupied.

Get all that good stuff.

Get all that good stuff.

Normally I try and stray from munchies for the sake of heart and gut, but 4/20 is the day to splurge! So pick up some doritos, some tacos, some pizzas, some steaks, milkshakes, cereal, mmmm so many options…sorry. Get what you like and munch away.

4. Find Entertainment- In most cases you will be enjoying this fine day in the containment of your home, someone else’s home, or maybe a smoke club or dispensary, but in most of these settings you will need something to do when you’re NOT smoking (which will be quite rarely). Pick up some board games, video games, a soccer ball if it nice outside, cards, or check out some our movie suggestions (ignore the title). Anything to help keep everyone happy and keep the good vibes a’flowin.

5. Be Safe- The most important step above all! 4/20 is a great holiday for cannabis connoisseurs worldwide, but just because we recognize this holiday does not mean the law does. If you’re in a state or country that criminalizes cannabis make sure safetyyou don’t get cocky and start smoking joints on your front porch, or go cruising through town with your squad and a blunt each in the car. In fact, don’t smoke and drive. People might not be as affected as by alcohol, but you are still not normal, so just stay in! That’s what the preparation is for!

Have a dope, green, dank, sticky, smelly, smokey, tasty, munchy, friendly, and connecting 4/20 with all your Best Buds and make today the BEST DAY EVER!best-buds_bde-t_0


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