Bar Buds

It has been quite some time since I did a strain review…mainly because I haven’t had a strain worth reviewing for a while now. Granted this unknown strain I am reviewing is no top shelf, but it was a very interesting experience getting this bud. I started this site for a couple reasons. First, I love weed. More than anything. I also love writing, so why not combine the two? Bam, inception. Then I had my dream, to actually get to review strains because people actually want me to! Well, it finally happened, in a bar…a couple weeks ago.

I was hanging at the bar having a drink with a friend for her birthday, and we get to conversing with a nice woman who looked like she had been pumped full of more plastic than Paris Hilton. Put it this way, she had a couple children in their thirties, and she looked about thirty-five. So after some chatting, the topic of BestBudsBlog pops into conversation, and as it turns out, she’s a grower! Even more perfect, she had nugs IN HER PURSE. Who does that? Just walking around with nugs in your purse to hand out to random people…anyway, it was awesome. So my friend followed her into the bathroom where she received a cute little bud. It was only enough for about half a bowl pack, but enough to sample. Now, compared to my other reviews this may seem unorthodox, due to lack of pictures since I smoked it all…a couple weeks ago. Sorry. But here it goes anyway!

Unknown Bar Strain

Look: It was a very small nug, with some hints of purple, but it had a mostly dark green coloring to it. It did, however, have and excess of orange hairs, which although has no impact on strength, always makes the bud look better.

Smell: The bud smelled like it was an outdoor grow, as it had a very earthy scent to it, more than most buds I have reviewed. It also some fruity undertones, although they were quite subtle.

Taste: The best part… I prefer to taste my strains when I first get them from a joint, since I can get the smoothest hits with little interference from the paper, but this time I had to settle for a bowl, and it wasn’t the cleanest. Regardless, the earthy note carried over from the smell into the taste, which seemed to overwhelm the other flavors of the bud, making it somewhat bland to taste. I’ll give it a 4/10 for flavor.

The Experience: Frankly, I can’t remember the last time I didn’t smoke and drink simultaneously, if not smoking prior to drinking, as smoking afterward usually leads me down a spinning tunnel of water, AKA my toilet. I had drank a couple Old Fashions prior to testing the bud out so I was a little buzzed already which may have inhibited my testing abilities, but fugg it. Alcohol is a depressant for those who do not know (how do you not know? Come on now…), so after a few drinks I was starting to slump. This strain helped get me right back up to my feet and out in the city for some more bar hopping. It may not have smelled or tasted like anything special, but it was definitely a Sativa-dominant hybrid, my personal favorite. It was mostly a head high, but I felt some minor stimulation in my body, encouraging me to get up and get going.

The Bottom Line: The bottom line is this is an unknown strain I received from an eventually bitchy lady at a bar. It may sound sketchy, and sure, it was, but who am I to pass down free weed, especially when she really wanted me to review it? Well, here ya go psyho nazi plastic lady, I REVIEWED YOUR SOMEWHAT DECENT STRAIN. It’s too bad I, or anyone else for that matter, will never truly know who you are or what the name is of the sweet bud you grow. Godspeed.


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