Out of This World Bud

Alien OGIMG_20150804_134138

Cost: N/A

Look: Thick, dense nugs with small orange hairs strewn about, whilst being covered in a soft blanket of beautiful white trichomes. Short in stature.

Feel: The density is easily detected with one firm cup of the breast of one voluptuous bud, making it difficult to squeeze the nug, which is not a bad thing. Each nug was also quite sticky, which can lead to difficulty in the grinding phase, but it is not a deal breaker.

Smell: All those fruity girl flavored buds are just overrated to me, and I like the simple things. Like a nice piney, sweet, weedy smell, like the magical being that created cannabis intended. Alien OG fits that description. The smell is reminiscent of childhood romps in the woods with friends, and accidentally stumbling on a skunk gift of god, but being too young to know that it would eventually become my favorite

Mini lighter for scale

Mini lighter for scale

plant in the world.

Taste: It tastes just how it smells, but better. The sweet piney note lingers on the tongue after each hit, leaving the connoisseur craving another taste. A lot of buds have a very blunt, earthy flavor, and although Alien OG carried some of this flavor, it was not overwhelming in the slightest, but a perfect compliment to the additional tastes that make this one of my favorite buds.

Experience: I have to say, the experience may be what made me love this bud. Let me start by saying that I LOVE CAMPING. I hope that was clear enough. I really enjoy being in the outdoors, hiking, adventuring, sleeping in a tent, all that good stuff. I didn’t get to stay in a tent, but a beautiful quaint cabin shared among myself and six other friends suited me just fine. Three days were spent sharing stories, laughs, and good bud, including, but not limited to, Alien OG. We smoked joints, bowls, blunts, and glass blunts (look em up if you haven’t heard of it, they’re magical), and any of the priors that included Alien OG were my favorite. Keep in mind I was in the woods, with cannabis, and a bunch of drinkers. So to say I was a little cross-faded would be an understatement. However, I could very much notice the heavy leaning indica feel. As already being a few drinks deep, a nice bowl pack basically sent me to another world where I was sleep walking through time with Mr. Alien OG by my side, showing me all the cool shit I was missing out on, before shooting me back into my earthly body to find out I had just won a card game I didn’t know I was playing. Perfect for relaxing or taking a nap/going into a coma.

Bottom Line: Alien OG is by far some the best bud I have gotten my hands on, and I wish I could have gotten some more for the road, but when fate pulls you in a different direction you just have to say, “Fuck you fate, I want more of this weed.”, and proceed to cry the whole car ride home because I know I may not have it again soon. Pick some up from your local dispensary or corner guy and enjoy the sweet piney flavors of this other-worldly bud as you drift off into space.20150804_134722_HDR 20150804_134753_HDR 20150804_134822_HDR IMG_20150804_134138


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