Rosin: the new dab?

Rosin has begun to take over the cannabis industry, replacing many containers of BHO with sweet, tasty rosin concentrates. But why has rosin become so popular recently if it is pretty much the same as other concentrates? The difference between rosin and other concentrates is not just the taste and effect, but the process.

Rosin is a concentrate just like BHO, Shatter, Hash, etc., but without the solvents. BHO is made by pumping butane through cannabis in order to purge out the THC, and then boiled until the majority of butane has evaporated, leaving behind a sticky concentrate. Rosin on the other hand does not need butane, but it does need heat and pressure. Yes, you heard right, and you’re not That stoned. You can make concentrates without solvent!

All one needs in order to produce rosin at home is a hair straightener, some parchment paper and some muscles (from brussels preferably).  When the cannabis is placed inside the parchment paper and pressed in-between the arms of the straightener on high heat, the combination of heat and pressure forces the resin on the plant to melt and fall off, leaving a sticky concentrate on the parchment paper.

The perks of rosin include solvent-less concentrates, leading to a better tasting and healthier product, as well as more powerful without the interference of a solvent like butane or CO2. Rosin is the safer alternative to BHO or other solvent-made concentrates, and it can easily be manufactured by individuals in the comfort of their own home. So is Rosin the new dab of choice? Make some for yourself and find out!


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