Let Me Check the Schedule

Recent news have surfaced that the DEA is going to reconsider the schedule status of cannabis, according to a response letter sent to several law makers.

If you didn’t know, cannabis is a schedule 1 drug. That’s right folks, currently, according to the government, cannabis has no medicinal benefits, and has a high likelihood for abuse. Cannabis is so bad, apparently, that it is held to the same level as heroin and LSD. That’s right my friends, if you smoke cannabis and get caught, you might as well have been shooting up or tripping balls in the government’s eye. That’s why this potential rescheduling is so huge!

For far too long cannabis has been shunned and rejected from the public view, leaving people to do their own research or trust the asinine propaganda that led to the scheduling of cannabis in the first place. With a rescheduling of cannabis, the DEA can proceed to test the plant further with more funding and less scrutiny. With further research in cannabis, even more medicinal benefits may be found. Imagine the possibilities. We already know a few major benefits of cannabis, such as treating epilepsy, glaucoma, cerebral palsy,  chemo therapy patients, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and more. It is about time that the government realizes that they can’t suppress the people anymore, and we want them to do the right thing. As more states decriminalize, legalize for medical and recreational use, and lessen penalties for possession, it’s for that blind eye the government has to get it’s vision back and look at the facts. Cannabis isn’t going anywhere, and neither are its supporters.


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