Tokemon Blow

If you live in the world, you most likely have heard of the new game that has become the top app in the app store and the most nostalgic game ever created, Pokemon Go. If you aren’t sure of how the game works, it is relatively simple. The player has a phone, with a camera, that turns your everyday surroundings into a magical land of different Pokemon of different levels that boost the player’s individual level when they are caught, through augmented reality. By traveling through different areas (mostly cities), players can Pokegoliterally “Catch ’em all”, while battling other player’s Pokemon to try and take over gyms in the area. So, from this, one can determine that there are going to be a lot more young people on the streets of cities and suburbs than before. Know what that means? More potential smoke buddies!

Now, at Best Buds we’re all about meeting new people to toke with. Pokemon Go could be a new gateway for tokers in an area to meet up with each other through battles, and even trading when the update is released later this year. How could this be done though? How could an every day stoner meet other people just in passing on the street? Well I have some theories. One could name their Pokemon a little more “suggestively”, or blatantly so, such as “Blazer” or “420”, “Tokemon”, etc. Now, by having these Pokemon run your gym, those who come to take it will most likely get the hint that you like to smoke.

Granted, the odds of you being at the gym when someone else is there trying to take it may be slim, but if it does happen, you can easily see them in the area, and start a simple conversation about their interests. It should be pretty easy to make a connection, seeing as how both of you are in the same area playing the same game. Just bring it up in conversation when you meet and hope they aren’t an undercover cop with a secret Pokemon obsession, and you’ll be good to blow! Happy hunting and “Smoke ’em all”!


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