Billy Tees: High Fashion from Down Under

Cannabis Clothing for Colorado and CaliforniaDo you love cannabis? I imagine you do if you are here right now, reading this, in which case that question is irrelevant. But you’re high, I’m high…so let’s talk about some clothes.

High Fashion Rises like Smoke

As cannabis becomes more and more socially acceptable in modern societies (like it should have been from the start), more people are jumping in feet first to the new trends and movements that come along with the new found acceptance. One such commodity that stoners world wide have taken upon themselves to spread is that of stoner fashion, or as I like to call it, very ironically, “High Fashion”.

No, we aren’t talking about high fashion in regard to spending $500 on a pair of socks because it has some name-brand label on it, but high fashion in that people who are, well, high, would want to wear! That’s where Billy Tees comes in.

Mixing up the Variety

With an influx of cannabis products flooding the market like shirts with pot leafs, sweatpants with pot leafs, and frankly just a bunch of random shit with pot leafs, Billy Tees based in Australia brings awesome, creative gear, at an unbeatable price-point.

The collection of quality T-shirts from Billy Tees is sure to have something any toker could enjoy wearing. But what caught my attention the most when checking out the Billy Tees website was the diversity of items to pick from. Sweaters, Tees, Hats, and even super-handy (and might I say stealthily fashionable) smoking accessories.

Cannabis Clothing Best for California and Colorado

Being part of the cannabis movement is exciting to say the least, but it takes real commitment to stand behind the brand and show it to the world. Billy Tees makes it easy to show your support for the movement through fashion, which as a minor fashionisto myself, is a big deal.

Throw out those lame pot leaf t-shirts from 2005 and pick up the new hot gear from Billy Tees to show you’re on top of even the toppiest trends. Oh, and did I mention they ship FREE to the US and around the world? Give them a follow on Instagram for updates on sales and specials, plus hilarious content for when you’re baked, like right now.

Have you tried out Billy Tees before? What did you think? Let us know in the comments!


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