Jeff_B3_LogoWelcome to BestBudsBlog! This site was created for one sole purpose; cannabis, weed, ganja, marijuana, Mary Jane. Whatever you want to call it, we love it! In today’s times, legalization is rapidly approaching as more states join the green team. Here at BestBuds we want nothing but to help, entertain, and interact with our viewers and fans! From strain reviews to legalization efforts, to stoned rants and even fan features! We believe that we are nothing but simple stoners that love to write about the plant we enjoy so much. In this sense we try our very hardest to make sure our tips, tutorials, articles, and reviews are as easy to understand as to a stoner sitting on his computer reading random internet junk like you are now! We write about anything weed related, and we will view any articles sent in by viewers or fans, because here at BestBudsBlog anyone can be a BestBud!

About the BestBuds   

J– Thats me, no questions asked.  I am the “head honcho” of BestBudsBlog.  With that said, it is my duty to make this blog the best it can possibly be.  We’re always open for ideas and what not, because without you, this blog would be shit.  T and I are dedicated to providing the best in strain reviews as well as some other weed related topics.  So get ready, because I have “high” hopes for BestBudsBlog!!

T– Call me that, right there; T. Simple isn’t it? That’s how I like it, and that’s how this site will be. I am the editor of this site, I write the posts and reviews with my Best Bud, J. I have become obsessed with the sweet Mary Jane we all love; how it looks, tastes, feels, and of course the cost. I have spent hundreds of dollars trying different buds, discovering what I like best. Hopefully from my experience all of you can learn something you didn’t know or maybe just prove to a friend how right you are about your favorite. My opinion is just like yours, no better, no worse, and I will always do my best to ensure the highest quality reviews you have ever seen, from stoner to stoner. Any article suggestions or submissions go through me. I don’t bite. Unless you’re an edible 🙂


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